Sunday May 26, 2014
Who is ready for summer?
I gathered a bunch of my most used products for this month. Some of these products are used on most of my clients and some are products I use on a daily basis. I tried to choose some that will also help with the approaching summer weather.

I love to use this lipstick on my brides. Its the perfect pink nude that most brides request. I know that the YSl Rouge Velupte are very popular, but I found that those colors tend to look to "bright pink" on my asian brides. So I opted for YSL's Pur Couture line which give a more pink nude on Asian skin tone. So far I am loving the #10. You can find these at Barneys retail for $35.
YSL Creme De Blush #1
I am amazed at how blend-able this creme blush from YSL performs. Its a beautiful coral nude. I bought the pink one as well, but I tend to gravitate toward this color more than the pink one. I love how it give such subtle color to the cheeks. I use this for the brides who don't want to look like they have blush on but want it to look more like a natural flush. I can apply this either on dewy or powdered skin. It simply blows me away. I also use this on brides who want coral lips, I mix it in with some lipstick or gloss so that the lips have a slight hue of their blush color too. You can purchase this at Sephora for $38

Bead Head Oh Bee Hive!
This wonderful product is a great mix between hair spray and dry shampoo. I dont recommend wearing this for everyday use, however you can use this to give volume when making any poof's or to soak up any scalp oil. When creating any hairstyle on my clients I start by spraying this in the scalp. Not only does it get rid of oil residue but it give volume and texture to the root of the hair. Also it smells like honey! I noticed that it makes my normal textured hair feel more coarse at the root giving it more volume. You can purchase this from Ulta for $19.99.
 Tresemme Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse.
I use this on my own hair. After taking a shower when my hair is still damp I pour a hand full of the product and massage it into my hair especially in the root area. I only use this if I'm going to blow dry my hair since it needs heat to create the volume its made to do. I use it in damp hair since when its blown dry it gives movable volume and texture without making the hair feel sticky or hard. Not only is this an affordable product it smells so good! Purchase at Target for $3.99.
 KIRKLAND Baby Wipes - Ultra Soft
If there was one item in my kit I could not live without these would be it.These wipes are always on me when I'm on the job. They are ultra soft and they are great for sensitive skin. I have tried so many wipes for sensitive skin and for some reason they don't really help with my skin issues except for these. They are from Costco so you get them in bulk which is very convenient for my business. I use these to; wipe my hands, clean product packaging, remove makeup, and cleanse face. Purchase from Costco $19.79 for 9 packages of 100 count.
 Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow duo Diamond life
I only use the grey-ish shadow on the left, and I do not use it for the eyes I use it for eyebrows. I was getting comments from my brides that their brows look too "brown" so I went on a hunt for a taupe colored eyebrow color to add to my arsenal. When I saw this duo I immediately tried it on a bride of mine and she loved her brows! I would apply my usual eyebrow products and apply a little of this powder on top on the brow and it neutralized a lot of the warm tones while making the brows look natural. I like how the shadow is not very pigmented so that it just adds a subtle tone of taupe to nay brow. Purchase form TARGET for $8.99
 Burts Bees Fall Foliage
I found this at a Target in the clearance bin, I was looking for a new summer lip. I saw that the gloss was a bronze gold and wanted to try it out. I use this over any nude lipstick and it immediately transforms my lips from flat to shimmery summery goddess realness. Purchase at CVS for $8.99.
 Hourglass Ambient Powder in Luminous Light
The start of wedding season back in April I have been noticing a lot of my clients have dry skin. I don't like to over powder dry skin since it can easily clump and cake, so I have been using this powder a lot lately. I may not even apply powder on dry skin sometimes, however this powder can set the foundation and create a luminous finish to the face. I love how this powder has a shimmer finish but it does not make the face look shiny or greasy. I can even use this oily skin at time only in the highlight areas and it creates such a beautiful natural glow. Purchase at SEPHORA FOR $45.
 NEUTROGENA shine control powder
I have oily skin. And I also do not like to apply powder all over my face throughout the day since it tends to cake and clump. So I searched for a light weight setting powder to hide my oily skin. This powder was a miracle. It works really well to cover my shiny face throughout the day and no matter how much I apply it does not cake or clump. Its goes on clear and does not have a color making it ideal for all skin tones. Purchase at TARGET for $10.99.
 Flutter MINK lashes- Lindsay
I was always on the fence for Mink lashes. I never saw the hype in spending lots of money to buy false lashes that I can purchase for $1. But after hearing so much hype on mink lashes going around I had to try them out. After my first pair I was immediately hooked.  I would get so many questions and compliments about what lashes I was wearing. Mink vs. human hair lashes; Mink lashes give a more natural yet full appearance to the eyes, and human hair lashes can look fake and disconnected from the lashes. I am now a huge fan of mink lashes and I really love Flutter lahses since they don't have such a high price tag as some of the other brands I have tried. Flutter Lashes for $29.95.
 Makeup Forever Mat Velvet +
I have been gravitating to this foundation formula more and more as the weather is getting hotter and hotter. I love my MUFE HD foundation however that liquid foundation does not help a lot with oil control, but the mat velvet+ is more mattifying and the color range is a little warmer than the HD and I love using it on my Asian brides with oily skin. Purchase at Makeup Forever for $36.

Hope you can check out some of these products and enjoy them as much as I do!
Have a great memorial day weekend!!

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