Monday December 23, 2013
I am sure many of you have heard of the legendary YOUTUBE guru Michelle Phan. She has recently launched a new makeup company called Em. I have been a longtime follower and fan of Michelle, so when Em was launched I was really excited. Em is a Vietnamese word of endearment and used literally and figuratively as 'reflection of me.'

 One product that really stood out for me was their Life Palette. These palettes include eye shadows, lip glosses, and blushes. I contemplated which of the six palettes to get. There is the beach, love, career, day, party and night palettes. I decided to purchase the career palette. I liked all the neutral tones ranging from medium to dark shades since this would be a palette I could use on an everyday basis and dark smokey eyes on special occasions.

Bottom right quadrant eyeshadows
Top Left Quadrant

Bottom Left Quadrant

Top Right Quadrant

All Four blushes

Lip Swatches

Since I am a succee for nude lips I had to purchase a lip palette.
The Shade Play lip color palette in Mix it up Nudes was a perfect collection of various nudes.
Swatches: go in clockwise order

Tutorials coming soon!

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