Monday November 10, 2014
Welcome to my Vanity!
I displayed all my latest favorites and some new pieces on my vanity and I would love to share them with you!

1. NARS Narsissist Palette 15 Nars eye shadows all in one palette. I have been coveting this palette for some time since I am a huge fan of Nars and I thought this would be the perfect palette to invest in if you wanted to try some of the Nars eyeshadows. Its a limited edition palette so I am hoping this will be a great palette that I can utilize for many different looks.
Colors from left to right.
(, Madrague II (matte caramel), Fez (velvety cocoa), Bali (neutral), Coconut Grove (deep brown infused with reflections), Madrague I (matte cream), Nepal (soft sheer rose), Ashes to Ashes (shimmery violet based brown), Brousse II (black violet), Mekong (espresso infused with gold), Bellissima I (shimmering beige with subtle glitter), Lhasa (lavender grey), Bad Behavior (deep pewter), Dogon II (charcoal black), Pandora II (matte black)

As you can see there is a pretty good array of colors from light vanilla hues to dark brown and black. I have swatches to show you how the colors are from light to dark with a different arrays of undertones like warm copper, purples, and browns.

2. BECCA Ombre Nudes Eye Palette. This was another palette that caught my eye. I was intrigued by the 5 different matte brown shadows starting from a light nectarine shade to a dark coco shade. I am always intrigued by matte eye shadow palettes. I already own the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and loved it so much I wanted to try this one from Becca to see if it would compare in quality.
As you can see there are 5 different types of shadows included in this palette. I believe its on Becca's permanent line so it is not a limited edition. I like to use matte shadows to create depth in eye looks. Or I can use these to create a whole look. Its not easy to come upon good quality matte eye shadows so I am hoping this will become a staple in my kit.

3. Urban Decay Naked Skin Finishing Powder in Medium Light. I have been on a hunt to find a great finishing powder and research had led me to this and a few other powders. Out of the few I have chosen to try this one first since it gets such great reviews I am excited to use this and see how it lasts and sets.

4.Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, herbs and rose water. I bought this spray in hopes it can replace my setting spray I normally use. What I found was that it was more moisturizing than I expected and was a terrible setting spray but a wonderful moisturizing  spray. So instead of using this spray after I was done with my face makeup I would add it after my moisturizer and before my foundation. I can also use this throughout the day when my face is feeling dry and needs a little more moisture. When I go to the gym and remove my makeup instead of applying moisturizer I will spray a little of this on my face and it gives my face enough moisture to last me the workout. So if you have dry skin and feel that your face/body feel tight and dry throughout the day this is the perfect spray to give your skin a little pick me up.

5. Expert sensitive gentle refreshing toner. I have always been a fan of toner. When I wash my face I like to dab toner on a cotton pad and wipe my face to clean any unwanted dirt that the cleanser could not wash off and to prepare my pores for moisturizer which is the job of a good toner. I would invest in all types of toners like Lancome, Givenchy, and Clinique I was spending up to $30 for these toners, until I ran across this $4 toner from Target. I started using this toner and it worked great. The expensive toners smelled great and did a good job, but the Expert toner did the same job however unscented.

6. Eyelash Fixer E.X Black Type. I wear fake lashes every time I wear makeup. I need a lash glue that can last 24hours and stay on my little beady eyes all day. I used Ardell and DUO but they could not last all day on my beady eyes. So my friend introduced me to this Japanese lash glue. It cost double and triple what my other glues cost however, this would last me months and stay on my eyes all day long. I use the black type since I wear eyeliner on all my looks and I want my lashes to blend in. If you have the same issues with your lash glue try this out!

7. Eye Makeup Remover Liquid. Just like my earlier reviews I always invested in high end makeup removers. My favorite was Lancome. I would spend $30 on one bottle and use it very sparingly until I came across Targets makeup remover. It works very similarly to Lancome's at a fraction of the cost. I used Lancome's because it did not irritate my eyes which a lot of removers do and smelled wonderful. But the Target brand is also for sensitive eyes and does a great job at removing makeup. I recommend it for anyone who has the same issue as I do. 

This is only Part One of my Favorites stay tuned for more!

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