Wednesday December 10, 2014
To be Continued;
Here are the rest of my beauty favorites from 2014.

8. Nume Hair Wands. I love a good wavy hair. I purchased a hair wand set maybe two years ago. It came with a small, medium and large size wand applicator where you detach and attach each wand to one handle. It worked really well for about a year and half then all of a sudden it started to glitch and malfunction. When I am working on clients it would shut off and not turn back on again. So I looked into purchasing a new set. I really like the versatility and compact nature of wands "sets." I heard good things about NUME Lustrum so I purchased it and I love it! I can tell the quality of this wand set is much nicer than the previous set I had so I feel this will not die out on me like my last set did.

9. Living Proof. For girls like me who have flat hair and need a little help in the volume department you will love this product. I am always on the hunt for a good styling product since I know first hand how difficult it is to manage thin flat hair. Also working at a Blowdry Bar showed me how valuable a good styling product can transform boring hair to fun voluminous hair. I apply this to damp wet hair and then use a blow dryer to style or completely dry the product into the hair, I like to blowdry my hair with my head upside down so my hair dries standing up and gives my hair volume. This products allows my hair to keep the volume and style throughout the day.

10. WET brush. I heard many great things about this brush but I never bought it cause I didnt see the need for a brush that can detangle since my hair does not tangle easily and most of my clients have manageable hair. However when I started working at a blowdry bar there were women who would come in that had severe knots and dreads in their hair from not brushing it. I went out and bought the brush the next day and may I just say this is a miracle brush. It glides through hair like butter and really does de-tangle like magic. Even though it is called the "wet" brush it can be used on wet or dry hair and it works well on either. Since then I have several in my kit and is the only brush I use on my own hair. I feel this brush really does maintain the integrity of hair and does not damage or create more split ends like other brushes can. Since I have been bleaching my hair to its limits my hair needs all the help it can get.
11. Wispy Flare Lash. These style lash have been a huge favorite of mine as of late. Although these specific styles are from China a great alternative are Ardell Wispy. I love the way this "wispy" style looks on asian eyes. I use this style the most on myself because it allows my eyes to pop without looking too dramatic. Going from short to long the lashes provide a doe like appearance and since the lash length are not all uniform it gives a realistic appearance.
12. Voluspa. I discovered this beautiful candle from Anthropology. When I was roaming around I came across the beautiful glass and the smell was even more beautiful. Since then I have been hooked on these candles. They smell great and in my opinion are a reasonable price for the quality of the vase and scent. When I am through using the candle I cant wait to use the jar for storage or brush holders. These are also great for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, since they come in all sizes.

Since its the Holidays I have decided to give a little appreciation present to one of my special followers on Instagram (SHARONYPARK). I want to provide some of my favorites as a gift. 

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